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Bletchley Tyres and Cars - Brake flyer

If you hear squealing or screeching noises when braking it is time to inspect and replace your brake pads and discs.  The sound is like a deep metallic grinding and growling.  Your brake indicator lights may signal an issue with your brakes, usually when there is less than a quarter inch of brake pad left.   Avoid undue wear and tear on your brake discs by regularly replacing worn brake pads.  Bletchley Tyres and Cars are expert fitters of brake pads and brake discs in Milton Keynes.

We recommend that you replace your brake pads in pairs (front and rear) as required, but you do not have to replace both sets at the same time unless they both need it.   Professional fitting of brake pads in Milton Keynes.

Your brake pads need replacing between 30,000 to 35,000 miles.  Your disc brakes will need to be replaced when they show signs of excessive grooves and ridges. These affect braking performance and is time to get them checked. 

For maximum safety it is highly recommended to replace brake pads and brake discs installed at the same time. 

We supply a range of brands for brake pads and brake discs including but not limited to EBC Brakes, Brembo, Breck, Ferodo and Mintex to name just a few.  Call for advice and a quote.

Grinding or squealing noises from your drum brakes indicate that it is time to have them checked and possibly replaced.