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Vehicle manufactures often recommend services at fixed mileages or every year, whichever comes first.  regular servicing is needed because components  degrade and lose efficiency over time.  Low annual mileage indicates a lot of short journeys, and these cause disproportionate wear and tear which makes a regular service all the more important.  

Your engine performs at its best with clean oil. That’s why oil filters work to sift out particles to keep contaminants out of your oil.  Dirty or clogged oil filters allow contaminants to sail straight to your engine where they can cause damage as well as affect fuel economy.  Best practice is to change your engine oil and filters every 6000 miles. This will help ensure that your engine lasts as long as possible. We use recommended oils and filters.
Oil and filter change Bletchley Tyres and Cars

As a good rule of thumb, we suggest you have your car serviced every twelve months or 12000 miles, whichever comes first.  Heavy car users, who drive many miles a year, should aim to replace the engine oil and filters  every six months or 6000 miles.  Our annual service comprises:

  • Replace engine oil and filter.
  • Replace air filter.
  • Check and top up all fluids as required, e.g. coolant, brake fluid, power. steering fluid, gearbox/transmission oil, windscreen washers.
  • Check handbrake and tyres.
  • Identify and discuss advisories with the customer.
Milton Keynes Annual Car Service Bletchley Tyres and Cars

This may be needed at two-year intervals or fixed mileages and extra jobs can include:

  • Drain, flush and refill cooling system.
  • Replace spark plugs.
  • Replace fuel filter (depending on model).
  • Check suspension, bushes, shock absorbers, exhaust system, brake pipes and brake hoses.
  • Check timing chain/belt and replace as necessary.
Major Service Bletchley Tyres and Cars